Motium Power Products

Motium provides a range of high quality DC-DC converters for small PC and vehicle computing solutions. Our in-house design team enables us to offer customised and OEM modules to meet specific customer requirements.

Benefits of Motium power products

Features of Motium's power products include:

  • Wide input range: 6VDC to 60VDC.
  • Fanless operation.
  • Very high efficiency. Typically 95%.
  • Wide operating ambient temperature ranges (-40C to +85C).
  • Transient protection.
  • Sophisticated intelligent power on/off control. With management GUIs for Windows and Linux.
  • Integrated UPS for engine crank protection.
  • Class B EMI compliance.

PC/104 module with 6V to 36V input range, independent high current +5V and +12V regulators. -12V output. Optional intelligent power on/off management and reverse polarity protection. Ideal for vehicle PC and industrial applications.