Tuff View MLC-812
8-inch Enhanced Sunlight Readable Touch Monitor

MLC-812 Front View

  1,400 nit truly sunlight readable LCD.

  Real automatic backlight control (no night-blindness).

  Completely water and dust proof to IP65/NEMA4.

  VGA and 2x composite inputs (switchable externally).

  -40įC to +75įC operating temperature range.

Motiumís TUFF View MLC-812 LCD monitor is compact, robust, lightweight and has been specifically designed to ensure successful vehicle deployment in rugged environments such as mining, automotive, and the transportation industry.

Each aspect of the design guarantees reliable operation under conditions such as extreme heat, harsh vibration, glaring sunshine, night blindness, water, dust or even the remotest of locations.

The MLC-812 Tuff View features Motiumís unique sunlight readable LCD with resistive touch technology including an ultra-efficient, high brightness 1,400nit LED Backlight. Standard industry features also include; automatic backlight control, a selection of field replaceable touch surface protection films and optional optical bonding.

With support for VGA with touch, two composite video inputs and Picture In Picture, the MLC-812 also offers unrivalled flexibility and can be integrated with any PC and industry standard video cameras. To protect your equipment, digital inputs allow the monitor to automatically activate for scenarios such as a reversing camera.

The MLC-812 also boasts industry standard VESA mounting points, water and dust resistance to IP65/NEMA 4 standards, wide operating temperature range and power consumption less than 14 watts.

With intelligent, innovative design the MLC-812 Tuff View is an outstanding high quality inclusion for any vehicle installation. For further information about the entire TUFF View range email us at sales@motium.com.

*   On standard LCD monitors, when the brightness is adjusted, what actually happens is the colours are changed, but the light level leaving the monitor is the same. The MLC-812 changes the actual backlight light level and leaves the colours the same. This can be done through automatic backlight brightness control, or manually via buttons on the front panel.

Key Markets
  • Mining equipment.
  • Transportation: Automotive in-vehicle display.
  • Trucks.
  • Marine.
  • Aircraft.
  • Buses.
  • Trains.
  • Industrial automation.


Specifications for the MLC-812 monitor are listed below.
Display Characteristics
Viewable area 4:3 aspect ratio.   162mm wide x 121.5mm high.
20.32cm (8.0-inch) diagonal.
Native Resolution 800 x 600.   Dot pitch: 0.2055mm x 0.2055mm.
Contrast ratio 500:1 typical.   400:1 minimum.
Colours 18-bit  (262,144).
Response time Ton: 10ms typ.   Toff: 15ms typ.
Brightness 1,400 nits typical.
This value only applies to indoor performance. The effective outdoor performance is greater than 1,600 nits. (1 nit = 1 Cd/m2.)
Viewing angle Horizontal:   140° typ, 120° minimum.
Vertical:   Up: 50° typ and 40° minimum.   Down: 70° typ and 60° minimum.
LCD Controller
Video input interface VGA: Analog RGB, 0.7Vp-p. With DDC Support.
Composite Video: NTSC, PAL-B, PAL-D, PAL-G, PAL-I, PAL-K
VGA input resolutions 640x480, 800x600, 1,024x768, 1,280x1,024.   The monitor automatically scales the input signal.
Video input resolutions PAL: 625 Lines.
NTSC: 525 Lines.
160x120, 320x240, 640x480, 768x576, 800x600, 1,024x768, 1,280x1,024.
The monitor automatically scales the input signal.
Input vertical frequency 50 Hz, 60Hz and 70Hz.   60Hz is recommended.
Configuration On-Screen Display (OSD) includes: Image Colour, Image Formatting, Source Selection & Picture In Picture, Backlight Management, Power Management, Audio, OSD Management, About.
Video Source Configuration
Display Options Fullscreen VGA.
Fullscreen (Reversible) composite video.
Picture In Picture VGA Background with adjustable size and location for composite input source.
External Input Control Monitor can automatically select a composite input source or Picture In Picture mode. For instance, when the reverse gear on a vehicle is selected.
User interface
Monitor controls Front panel buttons are:   Power On/Off, Backlight Brightness Up and Down, OSD Menu/Input Selection, Volume Up and Down.
OSD (On Screen Display) menu controls OSD menu control buttons are:   Select (Menu), Up & Down, Left & Right.
Keypad Lock The monitor controls can be disabled individually preventing operators from having access to the associated features.
Menu Lock The monitor menu can be locked with a code preventing operators from having access to the settings in the monitor.
Speaker Front panel mounted mono speakers, with adjustable gain amplifier. The speakers are intended for connection to a PC or media device, for voice commands, operator feedback and warning tones.
Touch Screen
Touch type 5-wire resistive.
Glass thickness 1.8mm.
Operation force < 1N with a stylus of 0.8mm radius.
Linearity < 1.5% for both X-axis and Y-axis.
Contact bounce < 10ms.
Impact No damage with a 9g steel ball dropped into the centre of the panel from a height of 30cm.
Static Load: 5kg load over a 10mm area for 10 seconds.
Hardness 3H pencil pressure 1N @ 45 degrees.
Durability write test 10,000,000 times, with a force of 250g and a silicon rubber stylus of 0.8mm radius.
Durability knock test 1,000,000 times, with a force of 250g, 3Hz R8/HS60.
Touch Screen controller
Resolution 2,048 x 2,048.
Report rate 250 points/second maximum with USB interface.
160 points/second maximum with RS232 interface.
Response time 20ms.
Accuracy tolerance Maximum +/-0.5% tolerance.
Interface USB1.1 or RS232 (EIA/TIA-232-F compatible).
Both interfaces are transient protected.
Data rate RS-232 Data rate is 9,600 bps 8N1.
Touch Screen driver software
Calibration Fast 4-point position.
Compensation Accuracy: 9-point and 25-point linearity position.
Edge compensation.
Draw test Position and linearity verification.
Controller setting Supports multiple controllers.
Dynamic add/remove controllers.
Change controller interface without reboot.
Languages Supports 10 languages for Windows.
Mouse emulator Right and left button emulation.
Click/drawing mode.
Sound notification No sound.   Sound on touch contact.   Sound on touch release.
Double click Configurable double click speed.   Configurable double click area.
OS support Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Windows Embedded.
Windows CE.NET (4.x, 5.0). CE 6.0.
Linux (up to Kernel 2.6.x), 32-bit and 64-bit.

MS-DOS: supports display resolution: 320x200, 640x200, 640x350, 640x480, 800x600, 1,024x768 and 1,280x1,024.
Mac OS 9.x and OS X (Power PC, Intel CPU).
QNX Neutrino RTOS V6.3.
COM Port support Supports COM1 to COM256 for Windows and Linux, and COM1 to COM8 for DOS.
Display support Supports monitor/display rotation.   Supports multiple monitors.   Supports split monitor.
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions 215mm Wide x 183mm High x 37mm Deep (plus 18mm for connector body;   plus 54mm when connector is mated).
Weight 1.0kg.
Shipping Shipping dimensions: 260mm Wide x 210mm High x 85mm Deep.
Shipping weight: 1.25kg.
Ambient Temperature Operating: -40°C to +75°C.
Storage: -40°C to +85°C.
Humidity 10% to 90% RH, non condensing.
Certification C-tick.   Other certifications available upon request.
Power supply Input voltage range 8VDC to 45VDC.
Power consumption 14W maximum.
Digital input The monitor has a digital input for power on and off control. This input is different to the Power On/Off button. Using this input results in zero off-state power consumption.

The Monitor also has two additional digital inputs that can be utilised to automatically switch the monitor automatically to either of the composite inputs.   This is useful in applications that require a view from a reversing vehicle or where a areas need to be monitored when an action is performed like opening a rear door to monitor a loading area.
Power Management The monitor has timing options for no video input shutdown and accessory off shutdown.
Transient protection Load dump and other transients specified in ISO-7367.
† † Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Model options

The MLC-812 is available in the standard models listed below.   The monitor can be customised with a wide variety of options for OEM applications.
Model Description


Standard product, as described in the specifications above, Enhanced Sunlight Readable with touchscreen.

A removable protective film is fitted on the touch screen. This film protects the touch screen's surface from scratchs and vandalism. It can be peeled off and replaced when damaged.

NOTE:   The cable assembly must be ordered separately.   Standard and custom options are available.   Refer to the Cables for Tuff View LCD Monitors page for specific information and order codes.


Ordering options

In addition to the standard models listed above, the MLC-812 is customisable with a wide variety of options for OEM applications. These options include:
Option Description
No Touch Screen The touch screen can be replaced with a glass or acrylic panel.
OEM Branding A fully OEM product with custom label (to display your company logo and product name) and custom enclosure colours.

NOTE:   Minimum order quantities apply to OEM orders.

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