About Us

Motium designs, manufactures and markets components for computing solutions in transportation, automotive and rugged environments. Our core products are:

  • LCD Monitors, including true sunlight readable with touch screen.
  • Panel PCs.
  • Small, stand-alone box PCs.
  • DC-DC converters (power supplies).

Our primary customers are system integrators, software solution providers and technology solution providers.

Motium provide a range of off-the-shelf, semi-custom and custom products. We are committed to product improvement and evolution via implementation of new features through customer feedback.

Harsh environment

Automotive, mining and marine are some of the harshest environments these products will see. Continuous vibration, with high shock levels, wide temperature ranges, wide ambient light levels (from full sunlight through to full darkness) and very noisy power source mean that each part of the product's design needs to be carefully considered. Component choices are critical for a product to survive more than a few months without failing. The knowledge gained in this area positions us well for our industrial products.

High quality

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products.

  • The visual performance of our monitors and panel PCs is simply outstanding. Our sunlight readable products (with and without touch screen) truly are readable in full sunlight (i.e., a cloudless, pollution free day, with bright sun).
  • Our desire for very high power efficiency designs, mean our products have very low power consumption. Our LCD monitors typically consume half the power of equivalent competitors.
  • Our desire for very low power consumption products means all regulators are high efficiency. Our LCD monitors typically consume half the power of equivalent competitors.
  • With each product we invest in industrial design to make sure the product looks as good as it is.

Areas of expertise

Our key areas of expertise are:

  • Wide input voltage range (6V to 60V DC), high-efficiency DC-DC converters.
  • High quality video displays.
  • Customisation of LCD panels, including:
    • Replace CCFL backlights with LEDs.
    • Design high brightness (800~1500 nits) LCD panels.
    • Change internal films in LCD panels, to maximise panel performance.
    • Design custom LCD panels, starting with open-cells.
    • Optical bonding (re-workable).
  • Products that work in continuous vibration environments, such as vehicles.
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40C to +85C).
  • All our products are designed in-house, and are highly integrated. For example, our LCD controller boards include a touch-screen controller, backlight regulators, wide input range power supply, and customised firmware.


Manufacturing is located in Australia.